Cynful Dezigns offers and array of pieces when it comes to handmade jewelry, Custom T- and shirts . Sheek, Hip, In Style and One of a Kind items are made here. 

Great thing about Cynful Dezigns is, that you will never be walking down the street, in the club or in the work place and see another woman with your same piece of items on. Isn't that a plus?

Being creative and unique is my passion, my goal is to create things no one else have seen before. 

Sets like Cynful Mini's and Full Cynful Sets are items " YOU WONT GET ANY WERE ELSE" I take pride in all my items and work. and back every piece up with 100% customer satisfaction.

My items are stacked with reasonable prices for just about anyone. You will grow to love Cynful Dezigns  and the quality put into every single item that is made. 

So have a look around, THank you for your support and coming to my web site

Chayda R.