No returns on custom items designed specifically for you. Including but not limited to;

  1. T-shirts that include a specific color, style and or vinyl colors.
  2. Car Decals designed specifically for you. 
  3. Wine Glasses 
  4. Earrings designed specifically for you.

Due to sanitary reasons Earrings have a no return policy across the board. 

Already made t-shirts  also have a no return policy.

Custom orders require a deposit. 

Contact me directly via email for more information on custom orders. 

Please be advised that custom orders, and special orders can not be refunded or returned once made due to the customization to fit your needs.

What this means is….. IF 

you have an order that has been made specifically to FOR YOU

your Material, T-Shirts have been ordered

YOUR CUSTOM Designs has been manifested and has been cleared for print and or has been printed on your garment.

**If you decide to cancel in the design manifestation stage and no materials have been ordered you will be charged a $25 charge for my time designing your images**

There are NO REFUNDS after your images have been pressed to your garment. you will be charged for design time, please see above. If materials have been ordered there are no refunds. 

In addition: If you cannot meet me or pick them up. There will be no refund of your money 

If you need delivery there is a $5 charge for doorstep delivery. 

No returns jewelry due to sanitary reasons. 

Deposits are refundable up till  30 minutes after the invoice is sent. Once materials are ordered deposits are non-refundable.  Deposits are half of the finalized order. All materials and designs will be discussed prior to printing. I also do not render any mock ups or design ideas until your deposit is made.