Q: All of your items are made with glass beads, how likely are they to break?

A:Just like any other glass product glass breaks if not handeled correctly. Your item is sure to last a long time with proper use. You should refrain from letting your items hit the floor, ground or any other hard object becuase at that point they would be subject to break.

Q:How do i clean my items?

A: No harsh chemicals is needed to clean your items. A rag with mild soap and water will do.

Q: When i opened my box one of my beads fell off/ or my item broke, what do i do?

A: if its within 7 days of purchase i will fix it for free. Shipping it back is paid by the owner of the items and i will send it back to you free of charge.

Q: i lost an earring/bracelet do you make replacements ?

A: yes i make replacements please contact me via Email : Chaydablack@gmail.com
i would need a picture of your earring or bracelet to duplicate a copy. If i do not have the items needed i will let you know with a reply.
shipping charges both ways are customers responsibility, i will send an invoice to you to pay for shipping charges back plus a relacement fee of $1.75.

Q: How do i redeem my coupon sent with my package?

A: with your next order please enter the coupon your useing and the coupon code at check out, if you have any issues , please contact me vis the contact button located at the bottom of the page.

Q: Can i return my item if its not what i expected or i dont ike it

A: YES you can return your item. Please make sure that your item is in the same condition as you recieved it, same packaging ect. Monies will be refunded when item is recieved and condition is inspected. If there is an issue with the item you will recieve half of your purchase price back. No full refund will be given.
If items are intact a full refund will be given.

Q: how do we leave you a message at check out?

A: you can refer to the to the picture and link below

Q: i purchsed the wrong size bracelet and need a bigger size, what can i do?
or. i broke my jewelry can you fix it

A: Any purchased order with the wrong size/ or broken item can be sent back with paid postage each way by YOU as well at a 2.50 re-size/fix fee. Please contact me so an invoice for the resize/fix fee + your shipping back can be paid.

more Q & A coming soon.....